Chat Now! On Whatsapp 90% of Organizations Assign Their Activities to Multinational and Global PR Agencies

90% of Organizations Assign Their Activities to Multinational and Global PR Agencies

90% of Organizations Assign Their Activities to Multinational and Global PR Agencies

Boutique PR Agencies and SMEs Are a Key Player in the Growth of Business and Economy in Middle East


Bahaa Fatairy - Photo 4BR Communications FZE a newly leading PR and Marketing consultancy in the Arab Region, is brining awareness and positioning SMEs and Boutique PR Agencies as a key player in the Regional Market in terms of Business and Economy Growth, whereas most of the organizations from various industries are hiring Global and Multinational PR agencies to handle their PR and Marketing activities, why don’t they give the chance to Boutique agencies?

Based on the expectations of Bahaa Fatairy, Managing Director of BR Communications: “More than 90% of the organizations with all kind of levels and sizes are following the social media and digital marketing methods in addition to the traditional marketing which is known as Print Media or Public Relations to support their marketing campaigns and promote themselves across the region and even globally. They prefer to carry out and assign their media activities to Multinational and Global PR agencies”.

The Boutique agencies which are considered a major part of SMEs, are helping to build awareness to the target audience and playing a significant role in the SMEs industry, as they carry out what the directors can’t do, whilst some organizations have yet recognized the great value of these agencies in the strategy, expansion and growth in the regional Business, PR and Marketing.

According to Dubai SME report which was published recently by Khaleej Times a leading UAE English Newspaper: “Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that account for 95% of the establishments in Dubai contribute around 40% to the total value-add generated by the economy and account for 42 per cent of the total workforce, whilst Micro firms account for 72% of the overall SME business count in Dubai, followed by small firms accounting for 18% and medium firm 5% of the business count. In addition, the report shows that 57% of the SMEs in Dubai operate in trading, while 35% are in the services sector. However, service firms are the leading SME employers with 51% of the workforce and trading comes second with 33%. Manufacturing shows strong prospects with 16% of the workforce”.

Bahaa Fatairy added: “Organizations should give a try and a chance to boutique agencies to be a part of this business world and part of SMEs as they are playing a major role to drive business and economy of the region to growth. Moreover, Boutique PR Agencies will definitely add value to the business or PR and Marketing because in such kind of agencies there will be a full focus on the client account and every single job is seen by senior Management”.


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